Buying a Boston Condominium

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you’ll make over the course of your lifetime.  Make sure you have an experienced professional working for your best interests  in your real estate purchase.  Our priority is helping you to acquire the best property at the best price with the most favorable terms.  As your Buyer’s Agent, we will represent your best interests throughout your purchase process, including:

•Provide comprehensive research and analysis on your target market, including specific  neighborhoods and buildings

•Research properties that suit your search criteria for your review

•Pre-screen inventory and create video preview tours of selected properties

•Provide market knowledge expertise to guide you in determining an accurate market value for identified properties

•Prepare and submit an Offer to Purchase with appropriate terms and contingencies

•Negotiate the terms of your purchase on your behalf

•Compile condominium documents and purchase documents for review by you and your attorney

•Research condominium association rules and regulations and meeting minutes for your review



•Coordinate mortgage condominium affidavits and insurance binders for your lender

•Coordinate Purchase & Sale signing

•Schedule a fire inspection and obtain certificates required for closing

•Schedule a home inspection and negotiate additional terms, if needed

•Coordinate 6(d) Certificate form for closing

•Monitor Purchase & Sale contingency dates and coordinate completion of contingency items with lender, inspector, appraiser, and attorneys

•Coordinate final walk-through inspection on the day of closing



Preferred Lenders   Mortgage Calculator
RESIS provides you with references to some of the very best mortgage sources in the Boston real estate market.    Use the valuable Boston real estate mortgage calculators on this website early in your home search process. They’ll help you to enter the market with realistic expectations as to which Boston real estate properties you can afford.



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